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Millions of people attend music festivals across Europe and the United States, every year

Producing these kinds of events turns out to be quite a challenge. Festival managers and organizers run many different departments, simultaneously, while needing to make quick decisions in real time. The information flows fast and can change all the time.

The Challenge

Festival managers

Real-time data collection and analysis, and their impact on decisions.

The data is managed by different sources, it changes very and difficult to analyze on such a short time.

The results can affect the festival or future festivals and will be noticeable especially when it comes to the event revenues and the visitor experience.

festival visitors

Difficulty in motivating the beginning of the festival experience.

Visitors enjoy a powerful cultural, social and artistic experience, taking place for a few days. The preparations for such an event are extensive and require prior organization: Buying the equipment, a plane ticket, festival ticket, transportation, dealing with sleeping and eating issues... those are just some of the things they have to do before the big event.
Early mental preparation can make their experience more pleasant and safer.

Market research 

Festival management system that includes data collection and analysis of revenue, visitors, and ticket sales, in real time. Management takes place in an accessible chat that connects the directors and other factors in the production.

Users research

From an in-depth conversation with visitors who participated in festivals in Europe, it emerged that the main concerns are-

1. What equipment do I need?
2. Where will I sleep at the festival?
3. What are the food and drink options
4. Miss events I wanted to experience

Attended a music festival in UK (2018 - 2019)


Generation Z (aged 16 -19)


Millennials (aged 20-39)


Generation X (aged 40-54)

The Solution for Managers

Festival Management System

Includes data collection and analysis of revenue, check-ins/out, and ticket sales, in real-time. It allows reduction to details in a resolution based on month, day and hour.

Management takes place in an accessible chat that connects between the managers and other directors at the festival.
The conversations, which take place in the backdrop of the data  can improve the management in real time.

Pages architecture

Sign up/Log in





Check ins




Sales / Used

Display number of sold tickets, how many were sold of each type? in addition to their realization during the festival.


By Hour/day/month

Revenue breakdown of the three main departments - Store, Services and Tickets.

CHECKED in/out

By Hour/day

Direct tracking of the number of visitors that are entering and leaving the festival. Managers can see when a congestion at the entrance gates took place and some characteristics of the visitors, such as age ranges and countries of origin.

The Solution For Festival visitors

White-Label App That Accompanies The Experience

Customize, with content and color matching to each festival`s branding.

Visitors will be accompanied from the time the ticket was purchased un until next year's ticket purchase. The app helps in finding an available camping area, exposure to events and seeing the variety of food and drinks without wasting time searching. Sharing a location on the map will help you find your friends at the festival.

And no less important...

The festival managers will get more important information on the visitors' experience of their event.

Main pages - architecture

Get a ticket/Log in


liked events

Event page


liked events



Share location

Free camp


My Ticket

Sleeping services


About the festival

Need help?


Festival ticket

Quick access to the festival ticket and arrival details, after purchase. Quick retrieval of it at the festival entrance gate can help reduce queues.

Get a ticket

User menu

My ticket


This feature can help visitors find an available camping area, save valuable time on the festival's arrangements and a lot of frustration.


Map Menu

Available camping areas

Available camping areas



Artists and DJs from around the world are the festivals' main attraction. Visitors can follow events, listen to the artist's playlist even before the festival starts and share it with their friends who are also attending the festival.


Event page

Liked events


Visitors can see the variety of the food, drinks and other needs and order in advance. This will save queuing time.


Item page

Event page

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