A platform for managing the process of building and renovating a private property.

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The Challenge


Architects spend valuable time guiding owners on the process of building and renovating a private property.

The process of building and renovating a property is both complex and intense. This Requiring the owner to perform the tasks, under a tight schedule. The Architects' method of communication with the property owner (email, WhatsApp, phone calls etc) makes it difficult for them to manage this process.

A delayed project prevents the architect from working on the their next project, which could lead to financial losses.


Owners are unable to meet the project budget they have set for themselves

The problem begins when the economic budget framework is assessed incorrectly. When the property owners do not include all the expected expenses due to lack of professional knowledge.
Also, additional expenses may arise during the project that cannot be anticipated.

Lack of control on the payment management can lead to frustration and affect their personal lives. A delay in the schedule can increase the project's cost or affect the project'sfinish quality.

Market Research

The market offers a wide range of systems for the management and control of the massive (non-private) construction. Professional teams are managed by the systems and are based on task management and schedule. The systems enable troubleshooting, while providing a hierarchy between them. One of the most prominent features is the generation of reports that centralize all the information into a PDF file, which they can share with other workers.

Users Research

From an in-depth study conducted among the architects it is evident that considerable time is wasted in training property owners on the next step. In addition to explaining to them what is going to happen, reminding them to buy raw materials and making sure that everything happens on time. Most architects have said that they prefer to talk to customers on the phone and meet as needed. The meetings' purpose is to talk about the things that are difficult to understand from a distance - when you see the architectural plan for the first time for instance, or when choosing materials and elements for the house such as a kitchen or sanitary.

OwnersFrom an in-depth study conducted among the owners who have built or renovated a private property in the last 5 years, the following was found:

1. The project's budget was exceeded.

2. Owners feel they do not know how to properly estimate the budget framework in advance.

3. All forms and receipts were not centralized in one place.

The Solution


Schedule and task management system

value saving time.


Order and Payment Management Platform

value Compliance with project budget costs.


Adding a new project

By three steps:
1. Defining the project - title, address, the number of floors in the property, the addition of an image / simulation.
2. Adding architectural plans.
3. Defining steps, the tasks and assigning who will performs  the task in the project.

Architect`s main dashboard

A main page that Centralizes centralizes all projects by: Projects in process and project completed. The architect will see on this dashboard a general view of all the projects - at what step each project is, whether there are notifications, messages or expected meetings.

Project Dashboard

Displays notifications - Upcoming tasks, changes in architectural plans, marking on the photos and plans, new photos, upcoming meetings and more.


In a project that lasts several months-to tow year, many messages accumulate, some of which are important for the continuation of the process. One of the features that will help them is the "Star" feature that which will keep important messages separate.

Weekly/monthly calendar

Conventional meeting schedule, alerts about upcoming meetings and changes.

Tasks management

The architect defines the tasks, who is responsible for them and their schedule. The owners will also get alerts on the tasks they need to do and when. Managing the project with this method can save valuable time for the architect.

Architectural plans

The plans are accessible to the architect and property owners and show additional details about the design of the house - selected colors, pictures of selected materials and furniture and the history of responses for each plan. Quick marking of architectural plans makes the conversation much easier.

Media - Shared Photos & videos

During the construction of the house, the architect updates the owner on the result, through photos. The quality of the work, if mistakes were made, design considerations and more. Marking on the picture helps in the discussion between them and worth a thousand words.

Financial budget management

Allows owners to manage their project budget and payments in one place. The system will process the data and present the budget framework and whether there is an exception, the total expenses and the remining balance.

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